Trials of Inium | Setting & Lore April (2019)

*The wonderful cover artwork for this project was commissioned by Natasza Remesz. Find more of her art here.*

In university, I took a class called, “Story Design for Games,” where I developed a full game pitch during the course of the semester. Trials of Inium (ToI) is the result of that classwork and passion for the setting. The game is not currently in development, but rather its story serves as a background for many of my writing samples.

ToIBoxArtSynopsis: ToI is an Action-packed, Player-Driven, Character-Focused Fighting RPG. After the loss of her husband and son, Shiza Hatoren is given the opportunity to bring them back by fighting through the ten holy trials of the gods. Battle alongside passionate competitors in the medieval fantasy setting of Inium, home to the spirits, and follow Shiza’s journey towards redemption and/or acceptance.

Take a closer look at the breakdowns here.

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