Patriot Slam | Full Game (2019)

Windows PC
Tools Used:
Unity, Google Suite, SourceTree
Team Size:
Around 30
One Semester, 15 Weeks
Game Design Director

Patriot Slam is a competitive action-sports game developed by students enrolled in George Mason University’s  Advanced Game Design course. The game is built utilizing the newest version of the Unity Engine (2019), and is based off of Windjammers, the 1994  arcade hit by Data East on the Neo Geo arcade system.

As design director on this project, I had the following responsibilities:

  • Delegated tasks to fellow team members.
  • Wrote and proofread documentation.
  • Assisted in cross-team communication.
  • Wrote voice lines for Chad, Ariela, Kels and Maxwell.
  • Curated asset lists for the art and programming teams.
  • Designed character profiles.
  • And more….

Play the game on the official page!

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