Into the Forest

Into the Forest is a short story that I wrote for a publishing competition. The following pages contain an excerpt of the full story to establish my writing style.

I hate the rain, Kera thought, It makes everything look and sound gross. Wet tires grinding against the wet pavement, rain drops pelting the car roof, windshield wipers dragging rivers across her field of vision – she hated all of it. She tried to let her mind wander to pass the time, but with every unexpected bump or puddle, her attention was brought back to the things she disliked and thus to the trip as a whole.

Why did they have to leave home? Why move away from the country? None of it made any sense to her. Kera kicked her slides off in the car and placed her feet against the dashboard. She faced straight ahead, watching the wipers and biting her nails. She noticed her father’s disapproving glances towards her feet, but ignored it, rolling her eyes and then turning towards the window. They continued in silence, both listening to the rain now softly tapping the glass and to the boxes occasionally shuffling in the back seat.

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