Trials of Inium | Main Character Write-Up

Shiza Hatoren

Female. 31. Charge of the God of Death, Bram.

“I should’ve been there; I should’ve stayed with him.”

Appearance and Personality: Soft, brown hair frames her face, and dark blue eyes hint towards a deep melancholy. Shiza dresses in plain, affordable clothing. The only colorful things on her are the red cord which she uses to tie up her hair (a memento from her marriage) and the white arrow head necklace given to her by her son. Shiza is stoic, kind-hearted, and patient. Slightly self-sacrificial, she often falls into very negative patterns of thinking and, given everything that’s happened, suffers with survivors guilt.

History: Shiza had lived a simple life as a wife and mother before news of the war spread. When her husband was drafted to the war front, she was left as the sole caretaker of the house. She attempted to focus her attention onto her son, teaching him how to hunt and fish in his father’s stead. Every new moon, a courier would deliver a package from the city closest to the front with a letter and some money to supplement the struggling farm. Eventually, the packages started to slow, and the food became scarce. News of her husband’s death brought with it the threat of famine and disease. Shiza and her son soon began to feel the world close in around them as illness and lack of resources claimed countless lives, and the war pushed closer home. After her son was presumed dead in the village raze, Shiza watched her world disappear — shrink to the size of a pebble, and crumble into dust. Overwhelmed by the feelings swirling inside of her, she walked to the edge of the nearby cliff with the intention of seeing her husband and son once again. Right before she was able to take the plunge, Hoilen, messenger to the God of Death, appeared. It told her that there was a chance to restore her family and home, thereby convincing her to participate in the trials. 

Character Arc: Shiza begins her journey as a grief-stricken mother, lost and alone. After encountering Hoilen, she was able to meet more people than before. These people will serve as guiding lights in her time of darkness. Each person she shares her story with will bring her more healing and understanding. Over the course of the game, Shiza will mature even further into a competent fighter and grow to understand the new purpose in her life without people to take care of. A physical change will be the evidence of all of her internal hard work in a similar way as the image below sketched by me.


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