Trials of Inium | Sample Barks

Hoilen – General

  • Shiza gets hit: “Watch out!”, “He/She is getting the upperhand.”, “Who are you fighting for?”
  • Shiza falls: “Come on, get up.”, “You can still win this.”, “The gods are watching.”
  • Shiza gains the upper hand: “Do that again.”, “Can you feel the favor?”, “They’re rooting for you.”, “You can win this.”

Arco – General

  • Beginning of trial: “Witness her greatness.”, “May her mercy find you.”, “You can’t stop her will.”, “After all of this is over, I pray you find peace.”
  • Getting injured: “Agh..”, “Goddess!”, “Ugh.”, “Hey!”
  • On losing a trial: “All is in her will, even this.”, “Don’t think you’ll have the upper hand for long.”, “I must pray.”
  • On winning a trial: “When I win, I will fix everything.”, “You were but one obstacle of many.”, “From now on, stay out of my way.”

Shiza – On Win

  • Hoilen: “Hey, that was close.”

Shiza: “I know. It won’t happen again.”

  • Shiza: “How much favor did that get me?”

Hoilen: “Let us find out.”

Shiza – On Lose

  • Hoilen: “Let us learn from this.”
  • Shiza: “Ugh.”
  • Shiza: “Why didn’t I-”

Hoilen: “You could not have know.”

  • Shiza: “I must commune with Bram.”
  • Hoilen: “You did try your best.”

              Shiza: “And that wasn’t good enough.”

Shiza – Specific Game Hints

  • Shiza: “He’s strong.. I should keep my distance.”, “Too close.”
  • Shiza: “A big weapon like that takes a lot of time to swing.”, “It’s all about timing.”
  • Shiza: “Maybe he doesn’t see as well in low-light.”, “I should stick to the shadows.”
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