Trials of Inium | Sample Dialogue

HOILEN (BRAM’S HOLY MESSENGER): Although you did exceptionally well in the last trial, I would advise you to improve upon your hesitation. Deodra’s choice is to be your next competitor, so prepare for surprises. For now, however, let us spend our time well here in the city.

What would you like to do?

Relax at the local tavern.

Visit the Star-reader.

Commune with the gods.

-Relax at the local tavern-

SHIZA: Since there’s no rush, why don’t we check out the tavern. I wonder what’s served as food and drink in a world of spirits.

HOILEN: Very well then.

(You reach the tavern and approach the bar where you see Sadja, the competitor you had just fought talking with the bartender.)

SADJA: I’m telling you, this whole thing is bullshit.

BARTENDER: If that’s the case, what’re ya still doin’ here?

SADJA: I’m here for the same reason everyone else is here, I guess.

BARTENDER: And what’s that?

SADJA: (She takes a drink) Necessity.

(As you approach, he turns to you.)

BARTENDER: Ah ‘ello and welcome! Go on, take a seat right ‘ere, and tell me,

what’ll ya be havin’?

Whatever Sadja is having.


-Whatever Sadja is having-

SHIZA: Uh, I’ll have whatever she’s having.

SADJA: I wouldn’t if I were you. This drink’s not for the faint of heart. (She laughs) And it’s still nothing compared to the spirits back where I come from…

SHIZA: Where do you come from? I’ve never met anyone with such… expensive looking clothing.

SADJA: This? Expensive looking? Yeah, I could tell from a mile away that no one here has been to Vernan. We’re the civil outpost nearest to the trading capital of the civilized lands. Our main exports are exquisite berry wine, vibrant textiles, and rugged soldiers. I am probably one of – if not the – best person to ask about that place. I was drilled on this more than enough. (She takes a drink and pushes her glass towards the bartender, requesting a refill) Anyways, it’s beautiful there. The lush green forests, the morning smell after a night’s rain, ugh it’s so nice there, it’s sometimes sickening.


Press her for more.


SHIZA: Well, that’s all behind us now. It’s better to think of the future anyway. (Raises glass towards Sadja)

SADJA: Or not think at all. (She raises her glass to meet yours)


-Press her for more-

SHIZA: I’m sure you miss it.

SADJA: What’s there to miss when I’ve got all I need right here? (She holds up her glass)



SHIZA: Nothing for me.

SADJA: Oh, that won’t last for long. You might feel all high and mighty now, given that last trial, but trust me, soon you’ll be drinking with everybody else. (She holds up her glass) Soon, I bet, this’ll be your only solace this side of the gates.


HOILEN: Foolish of you to rely on such a medium, Sadja. Strong drink numbs the mind and senses-

SADJA: That’s exactly what I’m counting on.

HOILEN: And makes you even worse off in combat.

SADJA: Please, what do you know about combat? You and all your kind are just observers, never in harm’s way, not a scratch!

BARTENDER: Maybe ya’ve had enough t’drink, eh? Ya can’t go around yellin’ at payin’ customers now.

SADJA: Ah, whatever, I’m out of here. Thanks for the drink. (She tosses a coin onto the counter)

//End or Gameplay Start//

-Visit the star-reader-

SHIZA: That same star-reader from the last time is here, isn’t he. Perhaps I’ll go pay him a visit.

HOILEN: Wise choice. We can see how well you are faring in the trials so far.

//End or Gameplay Start//

-Commune with the gods-

SHIZA: I think I will go pay my respects to the gods.

HOILEN: Then, I will leave you in their care.

//End or Gameplay Start//

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