Trials of Inium | Sample Quest

Quest #2 from the NDD – Defeat Eion in a trial without getting grappled!

Eion, champion of Halt (God of War), is a big, beefy fellow with long arms seemingly built to trap his opponents and wrestle them to the ground. His usual fighting tactics are dirty and involve a lot of body checking, holds, and punches. Shiza is instructed by Hoilen that if she can manage to avoid his grasp, she would gain more favor from the gods if she were to win.

Important NPCs – Hoilen and Eion. Hoilen, Bram’s holy messenger, is the one to tell Shiza about the challenge, and Eion is the one Shiza must fight.

Setting – A temple stands atop a hill; it’s light beckoning all who near it to enter. This, one of the many temples of Segene, serves as a safe-haven for those seeking knowledge and free expression. In the deepest interior, Shiza is meant to face Eion for all to see.

How to complete the quest – This one is fairly simple. The player must fight in such a way as to not get grappled by Eion. Depending on the difficulty selection, this could be as easy as keeping a certain distance or as hard as trying to juggle doing damage while also dodging Eion’s rapid attacks.

What happens upon failure/completion – Upon completing this, the player will notice a more significant increase in the favor that Shiza received for winning. In addition to this, Hoilen will remark that he is impressed by how quickly she could move. If she were to fail, however, not much would happen aside from the player not getting the achievement and not gaining more favor than usual.

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