Trials of Inium

Game Info

Platform and Genre

Trials of Inium (ToI) will originally be released only on Windows PC. The game is a 3D Role-Playing Fighting game. The player will fight one-v-one with a competitor in an arena similar to the game, For Honor’s training modes. Outside of the trials, the player will also have to talk to NPCs and complete side-quests in a traditional RPG fashion similar to Skyrim and Pyre.

Narrative Style

The game has a branching path story with multiple endings. The story will mostly be told through dialogue, cutscenes, and the main character’s inner monologue. There will be plenty of opportunities for the player to learn more about the world and history, but none of the peripheral information will obstruct gameplay. For the main story, the player will follow the guidance of the main character and her spirit guide until they reach the end.

Basic Mechanics

The game will be played similar to a fighting game and an RPG with customizable controls. The Trials, in which the fighting takes place will follow traditional keyboard/mouse conventions, and the rest of the game will follow a WASD with mouse movement convention with E as the interact button and so on. The majority of gameplay will revolve around the battles between competitors, each competitor having their own fighting style. In addition to the trials in the story, the player will have the option to select story-irrelevant “mock trials” in the main menu.


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