Trials of Inium

Player Experience


ToI takes inspiration from fellow role-playing games such as The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Pyre, Dragon’s Dogma, and Kingdom Hearts as well as fighting games such as Street Fighter, For Honor, and SoulCalibur. ToI utilizes the role-play aspects to further the plot and guide the story along while focusing on the fighting as it’s main gameplay. The art style will be heavily inspired by the imagery of high medieval fantasy, and the general feel of the game will be dark and whimsical with characters and settings varying as the player continues.

Music and Sound

The music of the game will be entirely responsive to gameplay. During the intense trials, the music will be fast paced and in beat with the timer. The sound design will also have it so that the player can feel immersed in the world around them. Bustling streets, tavern ambiance, and the star-readers’ wispy voices – all should be included to enhance the player’s immersion.

Player Goals

In the story, the player is tasked with helping Shiza bring her son and husband back from the underworld by gaining the favor of the gods. In order to do this, (s)he must battle and defeat the other competitors in each of the sponsors’ domains. The game will end with the player’s final decision on whether to save Shiza’s family or put an end to the trials.

Outside of the story, the player’s only goals would be to have fun and defeat the various competitors that they had unlocked in the story.

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