Trials of Inium

Setting Overview


General Information

Based loosely on the Roman Empire and (later) Medieval Europe, Elsoryn is a diverse continent with varying cultures and wildlife residing on it. The environment ranges from the snow-ridden peaks of the northern mountains to the warm and humid rain forests of the southern islands. The continent is broken into five areas: the North, South, Midlands, Grasslands/Hills, and Badlands. Inium, the location where most of the game takes place, is the land of the spirits. It is a superimposed realm that shares many of it’s environment with the land of the living. The story revolves around the border region between the North and the Midlands, but characters reference their homes from other parts of the continent often. Books and artifacts are laced throughout the spirit world, most likely stolen from the material plane, that could inform the player about the rich histories from other countries and regions.

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